“Pauline Williams is a very effective Child Psychotherapist. Having worked with her managing the difficulties parents were experiencing with their children, she was business like, professional and always clear and to the point as to what was needed and carried out her work extremely well”

Lorrine Marer, Behavioural Specialist and ADHD Coach. Also known for channel 5 television productions; The Teen Tamer and Families Behaving Badly

“During the five years that Pauline Williams worked with children in our school, she used psychotherapy on a one to one basis to ‘unlock’ the emotional and psychological blocks for a number of children who were then able to go on to lead much more productive lives and relationships -which is not only valuable, but for the children, literally life changing! In November 2006 Ofsted noted that the academic progress of vulnerable pupils at Oldfield was outstanding and I count Pauline as part of the team who helped to enable this”

Elizabeth A. Day, Headteacher. Oldfield Primary School. Ealing

“My work as an Educational Psychologist introduced me to Pauline Williams. Her work with children, young people and parents/carers is professional. She is supportive but recoginises when an individual can be challenged and encouraged to address personal issues which are stopping their progress.

To achieve coherent progress for the young people, children and their families, Pauline consults with parents/carers, teachers and other agencies such as Social Care, the Child Adolesecent and Mental Health Service (CAMHs) and Paediatric Teams. Where appropriate Pauline will mediate between the young person and family members or friendship groups. In addition through the facilitation of parenting programmes she has enabled the adult carer to develop strategies for supporting their children through conflicts in behaviour and/or emotional difficulties.

Pauline provides a confidential and safe environment in which she enables individuals to explore their difficulties, feelings of distress, dissatisfaction and/or loss of purpose. Her calm and professional style and understanding of the individual’s perceptions of their difficulties and/or behaviour enables her to help them identify changes they may wish to make and to encourage them in making positive changes.

Pauline’s professionalism in her work and her care for clients meant that my work was enhanced by her contributions in those cases in which we were both involved”.

Elizabeth Inman. Educational Psychologist.

“Participating in the parenting programme has really enriched my experience as a person and it gives me support in my mission as a mother. It provides me with deep understanding of the underlying reasons for my children’s behaviour and even more it gives me a better understanding of my reactions towards these behaviours. By the end of the programme I was able to define what’s right and what’s wrong in the way that I deal with my children”.

Manal Keilani. Parent