Integrative Child Psychotherapy

Integrative Child Psychotherapy considers a range of theories on child development. Collectively these ideas help to inform the therapists about how the child and family can be best supported.

Child Psychotherapists work with children of all ages i.e birth to 18 years. We treat children and young people who have difficulties with their behaviour thoughts and feelings. These difficulties may include depression, anxiety, developmental delay, phobias, aggression, consequences of abuse, self harming, learning difficulties, eating disorders and psychosomatic disorders.

We help children/young people to understand their inner conflicts and to manage difficult feelings. Work with parents/carers is an important component and as a parent/carer of a child/young person that is receiving therapy, you may be involved in the therapy sessions. We work closely with professionals working in education, social care and health.


Play and Psychotherapy

Using media such as sand, painting, figurines, music, puppetry and role play can help a child to address emotional difficulties that are having a negative impact on their behaviour and ability to thrive emotionally, socially and academically. The difficulties that emerge through the therapuetic play are explored in sessions so that over time the child is facilitated in making sense of their experiences.