Redeem Counselling and Psychotherapy Services is committed to providing holistic support and guidance to our clients. All services will be delivered by fully qualified and experienced practitioners who are members of professional bodies whose ethical codes are adhered to.

Supporting you on life’s journey

Counselling can help us to make choices and come to terms with some of the sensitive issues that we face. It can enable us to find meaning and purpose to our lives. Click on the link above for more information……..

Integrative Child Psychotherapy

We treat children and young people who have difficulties with their behaviour thoughts and feelings. These difficulties may include depression, anxiety, developmental delay, phobias…………

“It takes a whole villiage to raise a child”

Becoming a parent is usually a joyous moment, however at times support is required to help manage the challenges that raising a child/young person can bring.

Learning and Achieving

Children and young people who experience emotional difficulties can find it harder to learn. Schools and other educational settings are provided with advice/guidance on emotional development in children/young people to enhance learning, social skills and emotional well-being.

Supervision…………Refreshing Reflection

If you are a practitioner in training or fully qualified, Redeem can provide clinical supervision.